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  All NEW – M2O Teleseminar with Julia Roberts & 4 of her favorite Coaches!

  • Julia has revamped her telecourse from the inside out! 
  • And what we are offering has new energy, expertise, content and access.
    •  5 GR8 coache
    •  5 Tuesdays in March (begins March 2nd, 8:30-10Pm ET)
    • 5 weeks of private forum and access to unlimited questions and help from Julia and guest coach for the week
    •  All calls recorded – so if you have to miss one, no worries.

for more info:  Are you a middle mom?
to register:  see below or email julia[at] 

What Moms Say … about their Motherhood to Otherhood Seminar Experiences

  •  “Motherhood to Otherhood was wonderful on so many levels… ”
  •  “Today was an AH-HA moment for me. Your seminar really opened my eyes and made me think about my mission and my therefore my priorities. I’m looking forward to my Unpregnancy.”
  • “Thank you. Thank you for the inspirational book and seminar. You truly helped me to conceive this Unpregnancy and the next phase of my life.”
  • “Unpregnancy made me realize I need more in my life. . . something purely my own..”


    1:1 coaching
    Julia Roberts is a Martha Beck-trained life coach. She can help you move forward on your most urgent, scintillating and even wildly improbably goals.  All from the comfort of your home or office, and all on your schedule.  An hour a week will be your investment. Leaving behind long held beliefs, fears and limitations will be your reward.

  • North Star work: Work with Julia to apply the tools and methods in Martha Beck’s Finding Your Own North Star (NYTimes bestselling book)
    • Coaching @ $100/hour.  
    • $500 for a 6 week program (Save $100!
  • Moms: Julia can customize her 9 week program to your life and needs, and speed you from Motherhood to Otherhood.  
    • Coaching @ $100/hour.
    • $750 for a full 9 week program (Save $150!)

Major credit cards accepted.
Contact: Julia[at]

Group Seminar Descriptions
Enjoy your Motherhood to Otherhood seminar with other moms striving to define goals, and make them come true.  Join a weekly phone call with Julia and a maximum of 20 moms from around the country.  There will be exercises, homework, support and a lively discussion, both on the calls and in the forums. Julia’s new book Motherhood to Otherhood is the class textbook! An online forum for chatting and posting helps make this a connected, and convenient experience. Group Class/coaching call.

  • 5 week teleclass Tuesdays 8:30pm- 10 pm ET, beginning March 2nd thru March 30th
  • Online passworded forum for ongoing support and community
  • $247
  • Register via email: Julia[at] or using the form below

The Motherhood to Otherhood Live Seminar Experience
Drop the kids at school and enter an oasis of moms – sharing laughter, insight, discussions and exercises that will help you find your mission, clarify goals and consider ways to create your new life. It’s fun and inspiring!

  • Motherhood to Otherhood seminars introduce the concept of Unpregnancy– all the lessons and blessings of pregnancy without the child (or the annoying symptoms). Where pregnancy lead to motherhood, Unpregnancy leads to Otherhood.
  • Unpregnancy is a how-to guide from your own pregnancy and life as a mom – the lessons you learned, the strategies, observations and insights you had and how they can be applied now to help you get the life you want.
  • Before you know it the group is bonding, commiserating, sharing and exploring opportunities and tackling obstacles together.
  • Fee $369 – lunch included
  • For in-person seminars, locations will be emailed to registered participants.


Give breath to a new life – yours.
Major Credit Cards Accepted.
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