Press Kit

“Life lessons from pregnancy… It makes sense. So many women need this.”
Mary Amaroso, Real Life with Mary Amaroso

“Motherhood is the most powerful, transformative experience of most women’s lives, and here finally is a book that shows us how to put what we learn through pregnancy and childbirth to work for our individual growth and fulfillment. Unpregnancy helps make having babies not the end but the beginning of our stories. This is a book, and a plan, that will take a legion of women into their futures.”
Pamela Redmond Satran, author Suburbanistas, Babes in Captivity and the million-selling baby name guide Beyond Jennifer & Jason, Madison & Montana, contributing editor for Parenting and columnist for Baby Talk.

“I swim in the community pool that Julia helped get built during her first Unpregnancy. She has put together a mighty metaphor that will help other women make their dreams concrete.”
Debra Galant, editor-in-chief of, contributor to the New York Times and novelist: Rattled, Fear and Yoga in New Jersey

“As a Life Coach who works mostly with mothers balancing work and family, I’ve seen how my clients put their own needs and hopes at the bottom of a long list despite having big dreams of their own. Unpregnancy is a framework my clients relate to. Julia has captured beautifully the amazing single-mindedness and self-care of pregnancy and created a coaching model that works.”
Persephone Zill, Career and Life Strategy Coach

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