Motherhood to Otherhood introduces Unpregnancy, a life-coaching model that borrows its strength and lessons from pregnancy  (the same way others speak in sports metaphors: “Go for it!”  and “Hit it outta the park.”)  Mothers have another – perhaps more resonant – experience in their lives to reflect on, and use as a pattern for how to achieve goals.  Unpregnancy lets you know what to expect when you’re “Unexpecting.”

Unpregnancy gives you back everything you learned in pregnancy in 9 lessons… that level of commitment, excitement, fantasy… that mix of self-sacrifice and self-care… the unswerving dedication.  Unpregnancy helps you apply those lessons to your life nowto reclaim the simple power, focus and motivation of one of your most profound life-experiences.  A method for change-management in your own home.  In three planned trimesters, t1/self, t2/love and t3/work, you can take 9 months now to effect a life makeover.  By any standard, pregnancy was an extreme makeover – Unpregnancy can be equally life-altering!  If you’re asking “Who am I?” and “What’s next for me?”  the answer is Unpregnancy.

Julia Roberts
Author, Life Coach, Speaker, Mom

Julia Roberts, author of Motherhood to Otherhood, is a mother of three children whose ages range from 10 to 18. She’s been married to Adam Philips for 20 years, lives in a New Jersey suburb, exercises 5 or more times a week, and drives a mini-van.

Julia is a life coach who specializes in mothers.  Her point of view is inspiring, enlightening and fun! Motherhood to Otherhood is a unique approach to life-change that every mother can relate to!  Julia is also training for a coaching certification with Martha Beck.

Julia puts the elfish in selfish.

As a motivational speaker and seminar leader, Julia has addressed national marketing conferences; hosts private Unpregnancy seminars; leads Artist’s Way seminars and is an award-winning Competent Toastmaster.

Julia spent twenty years as a consultant in the marketing industry as a brand strategist for Fortune 500 companies like Burger King to Avon, to American Express to Heinz Foods. She’s worked with Smokey Robinson, Mary Hart, and Wolfman Jack. Working mostly from home, she’s balanced marriage, motherhood and a career on her own terms for 20 years!

Other achievements include: RIAA Gold Record Award, ITA Platinum Video Award; Leadership Forum graduate; Leader, organizer, and fundraiser to found Glen Ridge Community Pool; Member, Montclair Editor & Writers Society; Girl Scout Leader; and Graduate of La Sorbonne, in Paris France.

Other Books by Julia Roberts

  • Her funny family memoir: RV There Yet? A Cross Country Cautionary Tale is excerpted from family journal entries and recounts their cross-country trip in a 1985 Ford Coachman RV that Julia bought on Ebay.  As Julia asks, when a 40 something mom heads out in a 20 year old RV with three kids, alone, what could possibly go wrong?
  • Essay:  Be the Mother of your Reinvention, in the book Forty Things To Do When You Turn Forty, edited by Ronnie Sellers. 

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