8 GR8 Tips for Overcoming Infertility

by julia_2x on May 21, 2010

Infertility or impaired fecundity (ability to carry a child to term) can be utterly heartbreaking. And they affect over 7 million American women – or about 12% of us.  And moms who secretely suffer from secondary infertility find little support or acknowlegment.  Since they have a child the second or third child they are not able to conceive is not supposed to be “heartbreaking.” 

Amy Pearson, Certified Life CoachI interviewed Amy Pearson, of Bloom Life Design and she is a fertility expert – from a coaching point of view.  She knows from her own infertility hell – 6 years – how much havoc the disappointment, the struggle… the BATTLE! can wreak on your spirit, your mind and ironically your body, making it harder to conceive.  Here’s Amy’s 8 Gr8 Tips in brief… you can hear them discussed at more length in the 8 minute clip:  8 GR8 Tips for Overcoming Infertility or the full length radio show:  GR8Mom Radio – Overcoming Infertility (48 minutes).

8 GR8 Tips for Overcoming Infertility

  1. Be kind to yourself.
  2. Adopt a “give” and a “take” attitude toward health regimes and decisions.
  3. Beware of dichotomous thinking.  It’s not all black and white.
  4. Nothing is forever.  Don’t fall prey to the illusion of fixed condition.
  5. Frame your struggle as temporary in your thinking and your speech.  Don’t say “I’m infertile.”  Say something more like:  “I’m increasing my fertility chances everyday.”
  6. Find support.
  7. Connect to your body – make friends.  Your body is on your side.
  8. Seek the relaxation response.  Please say:  “Just relax” and you could scream!  Instead of feeling challenged by this admonition, take a daily habit of finding and feeling a truly relaxed state.

Great tips and a great show and conversation with Amy.  You can find her at bloomlifedesign.com 

Amy Pearson, Bloom Life Design

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